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Monday, December 24, 2012

Goodbye Maxine

I haven't been on FriendFeed for a while and logged on last night expecting links to Maxine Clarke's latest reviews and her insightful comments on other posts. Instead, I was stunned to learn that she has passed away. Like most of us in the crime fiction blogging community, I never met Maxine in person but I consider her as much a friend and colleague as if we had been neighbors.

I first encountered Maxine through her blog, Petrona, in early 2008. It didn't take me any time to recognize that this was a blogger I could learn from. I owe much to Maxine: she commented on my blog posts; she encouraged me when I decided to get more serious about reviewing crime fiction; she invited me to the friendfeed Crime and Mystery Fiction Room; she added my blogs to friendfeed. But, above all, she was a friend to book bloggers and readers.

She demonstrated that the amateur book reviewer can make a significant contribution to the book world. I know that she helped me to expand my interests in crime fiction and my library is larger because of her.

She is missed.

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