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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Currently Reading: Dust Devils by Roger Smith

UPDATE: I added the cover for the German edition of Dust Devils. The German title, Staubige Hölle, translates to Dusty Hell, which is pretty descriptive of the book. I like the simplicity of the AK47 on the German cover but the UK version tries to convey something about the location and characters. I can't say I prefer one over the other.

I am currently reading a pre-ARC version of Roger's third book, Dust Devils. No details until closer to publication, sorry. But, from someone who read Mixed Blood and Wake Up Dead twice, I call this is Roger's best work. Readers of his previous books will find Roger's distinct combination of lean, sharp, and hard-edged prose, fast pacing, action, and violence but he has also moved his writing in a new direction, placed it in a different context.

Dust Devils will have a major spring release in Germany (May) where Roger has been well received. Serpent's Tail will publish it in the U.K. in September. Roger assures me that Dust Devils will be available to readers in the U.S. More details to follow.

Dust Devils is available for pre-order from, and