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Monday, July 20, 2009

Read but not reviewed - Where Do I start?

I haven't posted many reviews lately but I have been reading. Eleven books are staring at me accusingly, wondering why they have been neglected.

Help a blogger out and leave a comment if there are titles you would like me to review first. I could approach the stack alphabetically by author but that's a bit dull. I would like to write about them before I forget what I read.

  • Bolton, S.J. - Awakening

  • Brewer, Gil - Wild to Possess/A Taste for Sin

  • Connelly, Michael - The Scarecrow

  • Fairstein, Linda (ed.) - The Prosecution Rests. Short stories about courtrooms, criminals, and the law.

  • McKinty, Adrian - Fifty Grand

  • Miller, Wade - The Killer/Devil on Two Sticks.

  • Padura, Leonardo - Havana Black. A police detective story set in Cuba and written by a Cuban.

  • Rabe, Peter - Murder Me for Nickels/Benny Muscles In

  • Sallis, James - Cripple Creek

  • Stahl, Jerry - Pain Killers

  • Van der Vlugt, Simone - The Reunion