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Friday, April 17, 2009

My To Be Read Stack

Following the examples of Dorte and Kerrie, here is a photograph of my TBR stack. I want to assure my crime fiction blogging friends that that there is no significance to the location of two horror novels at the top of the stack. It was purely a matter of symmetry and not priority. The titles are quite legible if you click on the image.


Uriah Robinson said...

Mack I have 4 of these on my TBR pile and also have read 4 of your TBR pile. I am thinking of renaming mine a TBRR to be read ROOM.

Kerrie said...

I haven't yet managed to read THE SUSPICIONS OF MR WHICHER. You have a very modest pile Mack!

Mack said...

Modest indeed, Kerrie, but I never pass up on an opportunity to add to the stack. I have Adrian McKinty's Fifty Grand on pre-order from Amazon US and Jasper Fforde's Shades of Grey from Amazon UK and I'm thinking of a bookshop expedition tomorrow. My wife is out of town and thus no moderating influences to deter me.

Dorte H said...

Oh, should one also worry about symmetry???

So far, my main concern has been to build up anything that deserves the name of TBR.