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Monday, April 6, 2009

My TBR (To be Reviewed)

These are my To Be Reviewed books, books I've finished but not yet written up.

Since I'm writing this post you can conclude that I'm still procrastinating. It isn't my fault, really. I blame Dorte Jakobsen, a blogging friend I met in FriendFeed's Crime and Mystery Fiction Room. She recently posted a photograph of her To Be Read shelf on her blog, DJs Krimiblog. Nothing would do but for me to present my variation on what TBR might mean.

Dorte's excellent blog is bilingual with most posts written in Danish and English. She also has fun contests such as DJs Bait in the Box which start with a quote from a work of crime fiction. Check out number 11, here.

If you enjoy discussing crime fiction I recommend a visit to the the Crime and Mystery Fiction Room on friendfeed. Visiting this room is like entering an on-going conversation about crime fiction with people scattered around the world (at least three continents and one island). I've found other blogs to follow and books I want to read here in addition to the interesting commentary and insights.