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Friday, April 17, 2009

My First Award

Dorte at DJs Krimiblog presented me with The Grasshopper Award. The award originated at We Read and Dorte received it by way of Kittling Books.

I am please to be recognized by Dorte. Her DJs Krimiblog has become one of my favorite crime fiction blogs for its creativity and content and is extra remarkable for being published in English and Danish.

Wendy at We Read describes the award:
So if you’ve received this award you’ll see elements of your page here on mine, you will have amazed me & you will have inspired me to find out ‘how can I do that too’. But perhaps more than that you’ll have made me smile and feel good about myself as I recognise I’m not alone if I’m reading.

1) display the grasshopper award on your blog knowing you have touched someone you may never meet IRL.
2) pass this on to any fellow bloggers who have taught, inspired or entertained you.

I need to ask Wendy if she will consider adding oak leaf clusters to represent second and subsequent awards since everyone I immediately thought to pass it on to have already received it.


Dorte H said...

Thank you for your kind words about my blog, as well as for your comments on my blog & in our room.
And I think one should always be free to do what one wants with these rewards - please receive it in the spirit it was given, and do not see it as a burden :D

Mack said...

I'm not feeling pressure Dorte, honest. My comment was a slight attempt at light humour since I almost never have an opportunity to write "oak leaf clusters."

maxine said...

Congratulations, Mack, I am delighted you have won this award for your consistently readable blog. And the oak clusters are a great idea. I like Dorte's blog too, particularly the Danish bits;-).

Kerrie said...

I liked Norman's second picture with 2 grasshoppers...
Well done on the award. I could have sworn it wasn't your first though

Uriah Robinson said...

Well done Mack!
Considering your location the additional award could be The Grasshopper with added cicadas.

Mack said...


Grasshopper with cicada clusters for multiple awards. I like that.

I was thinking that the image you supplied on your blog would do for a second award.