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Monday, March 16, 2009

Twitterisation of A Gentle Axe

Roger Morris is experimenting with Twitter by serializing his first Profiry Petrovich/St. Petersburg historical crime novel, A Gentle Axe. He is calling the serialization, twitterisation. So far he has eight posts up. You don't need a twitter account to read the posts, just go here. If you do have an account you can start following rnmorris. This novel is a great favorite of mine and I wish Roger luck in his experiment.

Roger's experiment coincides with my recently begun study on the effects of social networking on the author/reader relationship. I'm currently working on a survey. I don't know how scholarly my study will be but the topic is one that interests me. The topic can be extended to the library/patron experience as well.


Dorte H said...

To put it briefly: LOL

Uriah Robinson said...

I like the way the excellent cover of the book is replicated on the twitter site. I think the books are a great piece of historical crime fiction but I am less enamoured with the twitter concept. Eventually people will never meet face to face they will just twitter and facebook each other! ;o)