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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blogs to FriendFeed to Twitter

Maxine Clarke - Maxine's Book Reviews & Petrona - set up a Crime and Mystery Fiction room on FriendFeed, which I joined. She kindly added this blog as a feed which means that anything I post here is linked in that room on FriendFeed as well as my personal account. With FriendFeed you can also share web pages, post comments, add links, and post photos. They have a bookmarklet that makes it easy to share a page on FriendFeed. It has become one of my favorite resources because of its immediacy as well as content.

I also have a Twitter account with the user name Max46. In the course of a discussion at Detectives Without Borders I discovered that I could use Twitterfeed to link my blog to Twitter.

Watching Maxine's posts on Twitter I learned later that FriendFeed has a tool that will send FriendFeed posts to Twitter.

So, I had my blog going to Twitter by way of TwitterFeed and my blog going to FriendFeed by way of one of its feed filters. Why not streamline things a bit, I thought. I suspended my feeds in Twitterfeed and set up FriendFeed to publish my activity there to Twitter. Now blog posts go to FriendFeed and then on to Twitter.

This post is an experiment to see if everything is configured properly and to see how long it takes a blog post to make it to both places. Also, I thought it would be interesting for bloggers with a Twitter account to see how they can link the two.