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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Absence Explained

For those of you who might have noticed my lack of posting to my two blogs, commenting on other people's blogs, and Friend Feed, herewith is what I've been doing for the past week.

Book stuff is below the photos.

At O'dark thirty (as we used to say in the Army) on November 27 we took ourselves to the airport to begin the first leg of the trip that eventually landed us on Kauai, one of the Hawaiian islands. Our niece, her husband, and their six year old son were there on holiday and asked if we would like to share their favorite spot for R&R. And we did. I don't usually spend a lot of time taking photos but here are a few:

Kauai is known for the wild chickens found everywhere on the island. Here is a Red Dirt Road Warrior.

Fishing boat on the Hanapepe River. I liked the bicycle on the bank to which the boat appears to be tied.

Waimea Canyon. This place is amazing. Unfortunately, it was cloudy the day we went. Take a look here.

Views from Kilauea Lighthouse. I'm told that the white dots in the photo on the left are boobies. I included the photo on the right because I figured I needed to show surging waves. We also saw frigate birds soaring over the cliffs. These are awesome birds. Unfortunately my point-and-shoot camera wasn't up to capturing them.

And finally, one of the few clear shots I was able to get of mountains. This is from the Limahuli Gardens but it is pretty representative of the sort of view we saw everyday from the town of Hanalei where we stayed.

What I read on the trip:

  • Fifty-to-One, Charles Ardai

  • In a Lonely Place, Dorothy B. Hughes

  • Ride the Pink Horse, Dorothy B. Hughes

  • 1974, David Peace

  • 1977 (halfway through), David Peace

Given the duration of the journey from Virginia to Kauai you'd think I'd have read more but there you go.

On a drive around the western side of the island we found a used book store named Talk Story in Old Hanapepe Town. It has three book store cats. One stayed in the window watching the chickens (see above), one sat in a basket in the midst of a book display, and the third sprawled over a display of local books. I added Boney and the White Savage to my collection of the Arthur W. Upfield, Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte mysteries. Alas, I'm still missing 10 titles one of which is the first book in the series which keeps me from starting to read them.

Here is what was added to my TBR stack while I was gone:

  • The Reincarnationist, M.J. Rose

  • The Memorist, M.J. rose

These two books are courtesy of a drawing at Bloody Hell, It's a Book Barrage! - a really cool name for a blog - which is hosted by Chartroose, a readerly geek librarian/literature lover like myself.