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Friday, October 24, 2008

Audio Books, Crime Stories, and Dentistry

Earlier this week I learned that need several treatments of a periodontal procedure known as deep scaling which sounds like a spa treatment for snakes. I'm not so much dreading the procedure as the boredom of an hour and a half, reclined, without the likelihood of a nap.

The best solution seemed to be a book on my iPod so, with my remaining credit, I headed to Audible. The humor category was out given the circumstances so I went for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which has been discussed in many blogs lately. It is long enough to take me through all the procedures and, since it is translated from Swedish, I figure I will have to concentrate.

If this doesn't work I have a fall-back with Charlie Huston's Already Dead featuring a vampire detective.

I will report back on whether an audio book is capable of transporting me beyond the dentist's chair.